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(As low as) 2.49% APR5

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Auto loan relief is here. Abound Credit Union in Kentucky is inviting you to refinance your car loan from other financial institutions and get up to $2501. We understand that lowering your monthly car payment would be a big help right now, so we’re offering our lowest rate on refinancing your vehicle, plus other advantages.

Get up to $250 cash back1.
90 days no payments.
Low rate. Save on payments.

Stay Strong, Kentucky

Abound is here to help. We are offering refinances and 90 days of no payments to ease financial worries.

  • We will pay a $50 bonus for every $5,000 in qualified loan balances you refinance over to us—up to $2501.
  • We welcome your auto, boat, RV, ATV, and motorcycle loans.
  • Same day loan approval.
Why wait? Get started today.
Insured by NCUA. Equal Opportunity Lender. All loan applications subject to credit approval. Your first payment will be due 90 days after your loan date.

1$50 for every $5,000 in balances moved up to $250. Refinancing included auto, RV, boat, ATV or motorcycle loans. (All other loan products do not count towards this promotional balance.) Interest will continue to accrue on loan and may cause payoff to be later than original agreement.
5Annual Percentage Rate. Quoted rate is fixed for vehicles model year 2018 and newer and is based on credit worthiness, qualifications and collateral conditions. All loans are subject to approval. Rate applicable to new purchases or external refinancing only with a vehicle that has 60% LTV (Loan to Value). Vehicle must be 2018 or newer for quoted APR to apply. Rates subject to change at any time.