Enrolling Your Accounts

Enroll Accounts and Transfer Funds

Enrolling your accounts has never been easier!  Once your acccounts are enrolled in the Online Banking platform you can transfer funds between accounts using the Member to Member option.  

Getting You Enrolled

  1. Enter your personal information into the correct fields
  2. Enter the Account Number (into the Member Number) field
    * Used for either those with single or multiple account  
  3. Enter a unique Username (into the Requested Login ID) field
  4. Click continue 
Enroll Now

Set up Transfers Between Accounts

In the Move Money tab, click Member to Member Transfer
1. Click the Single Transfer or Recurring Transfer button

One Time Transfer: 
This is great if you need to send money to a member once
2. Select the account to take funds from using the "From Account" drop-down
3. Enter an amount
4. Write a description of your transfer
5. Enter the recipient's account number
6. Enter the Share ID/Loan ID
7. Select the recipient's account type using the "Account Type" drop-down
8. Enter the first 3 letters of the recipient's last name
9. Click Submit when you are finished
Recurring Transfer:
This is great if you transfer frequently or want to schedule transfers using Quick Transfer
2. Enter the number of the account to transfer the funds to 
3. Select the account type (checking or savings)
4. Enter the first 3 letters of recipient's last name
5. Click Submit
You’ll now see this Account in Quick Transfers, and can easily access it schedule transfers
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