2024 Board of Directors Election

Cast your vote!

One of the main differences between Credit Unions and Banks are that our Members vote to elect a volunteer Board of Directors to serve your best interests, giving you a direct say in how your Credit Union is governed through representative election.

Abound has a 9-person Board of Directors. Directors are unpaid, serve three-year terms and devote 100 to 400 hours annually to monitor the Credit Union's operations. Three seats are filled each year. When there are more candidates than there are seats available, an election of the membership is held to determine who will serve on the Volunteer Board. In 2024, we have four candidates vying for three seats.

Meet the 2024 Nominees


I have been an Abound volunteer for 10 years, serving as Supervisory Committee member and Chairperson, and Associate and Voting Member of the Board of Directors.  My background includes active duty and reserve service for 30 years as an Army Judge Advocate, teaching Personal Finance at ECTC and WKU, and advising Fort Knox as legal counsel for 30 years in my civilian career. I support the best loan and deposit rates, financial education for all ages, technology that is current with the latest financial services products, and expanding the Credit Union’s reach to new communities across Central Kentucky.


I am a retired Finance Director with the Nelson County School System and currently have the privilege of volunteering/serving as one of your Board Members. I have served on several Credit Union committees as chair, secretary and member.  With successfully completing the required Credit Union’s Volunteer/Leadership educational modules for this position, attending Credit Union educational conferences for yearly updates and currently serving as Board Vice-Chair, I feel I am qualified to continue the efforts to keep our Credit Union prospering and enhance the Credit Union’s belief that together we can be more.


I am a Hardin County native and 40 year credit union member.  I am well versed in our community being engaged in numerous volunteer efforts, business experiences, church activities, and my military career.  I am a retired Army Colonel who has also worked in leadership roles across several industries to include banking, automotive, finance, wholesale, and technology.  I currently manage a veteran owned technology company serving all federal and DoD agencies.  I also help with the family farm in Sonora.  I have been married 41 years to Gayla, a retired Hardin County teacher.  I am prepared to serve our credit union family.


It has been an honor and privilege for me to be one of your non-paid volunteers on your Board of Directors for over 46 years.  Also served 15 years of voluntary service to the KY State League Board, and the honor of three prestigious national awards – CUES Director of the Year for 2004, CUES Director Hall of Fame in 2009, and Defense Credit Union Council’s  Hall of Honor in 2017. I truly believe in the Credit Union Moto of “People Helping People” and feel that I can act in the best interest of all Credit Union members and the organization.

Voting Process

Members will be able to file ballots electronically here with appropriate verification of eligibility and membership between January 15 and March 1, 2024. Paper ballots will be mailed to those who do not have an email address on file. You will need your election ID as stated in your ballot or the last four digits of your Social Security number to cast your vote. Please note, branch locations are not able to accept paper ballots. These must be mailed in accordance to the directions on the ballot.


Voting Eligibility

All primary accountholders over the age of 18 who are primary members on or before the election start date, are eligible to cast one vote. Businesses are also eligible to cast a vote. Members who are joint on an account are not eligible to vote.

VOTING ELIGIBILITY & INSTRUCTIONS: Eligible voting members are asked to vote for up to three (3) of the four (4) nominated candidates for the Board of Directors. All candidates have met
eligibility requirements and were nominated by the Nominating Committees in accordance with Credit Union Bylaws.
Eligible voting members must be 18 years of age or older at the time the vote is cast. Members voting by paper ballot are required to provide their unique Election ID and signature to verify eligibility
to vote. Members voting electronically are required to provide their unique Election ID or Account Number and the last four digits of their social security number to verify eligibility to vote. All
requested member information must be included for the ballot to be counted and all member information will be kept in strictest confidence. Only members who are listed as the ‘primary’ account
holder, as prescribed by the NCUA, are provided official ballots.
Completed ballots, which must include selection of no more than three (3) candidates and all requested member information, must be postmarked in the envelope provided or completed through
the secure electronic voting portal at aboundcu.cuballot.com by March 1, 2024 to be counted. Ballots will not be accepted at branches.