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*Skip A Payment not applicable to mortgage, home equity, credit card or delinquent loans. Other exclusions may apply. For Skip A Payment options on delinquent loans, contact Member Solutions at (877) 799-1455. This form submission must be turned in to the Credit Union prior to the due date requesting to skip. I/we understand interest will continue to accrue on loan and may cause pay off later than original agreement. You will be required to resume your payments the following month. If you purchased GAP insurance with your loan, your GAP coverage benefits may exclude skipped payments or expire prior to your loan being fully paid; see your GAP Agreement for coverage restrictions. Contact us at (800) 285-5669 for further information. $35.00 Fee is per loan skipped. If no designation of payment method for $35.00 fee is made, the fee will be added to the loan. Limited Time Offer.