Business Certificate Account


Secure a loan to fit your finances and maximize cash flow.

Grow your money so you can grow your business

It's important to keep a close eye on today's cash flow. But in the future, you'll need added funds to expand and modernize. Our Business Certificates come with higher rates that can help make all that happen.

Generate extra funds for future needs

Time works for you

With our Certificates, you can save for anywhere from three months to 59 months. Typically, the longer the term of your Certificate, the higher the rate of return.

Better results

Certificates feature higher dividend rates than most traditional savings accounts.

Insured deposits

We've got you. Your funds are federally insured up to $250,000.

A simple solution that yields great results

Running a business is often complicated. But not everything has to be that way. With Business Certificates, building up cash reserves is a straightforward process. Choose a savings period, lock in an attractive rate and watch your funds grow steadily - and effortlessly - over the next few months or years.

  • Higher rates accelerate your savings efforts
  • Choice of Certificate maturity dates means you can align your saving strategy with your future business plans
  • Safe, secure investment with no risk to your initial deposit. (However, you may forfeit dividend earnings if funds are withdrawn before the Certificate maturity date.)
  • Certificate deposits insured by the National Credit Union Administration


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Build your business savings


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