Opportunities Abound - Financial Wellness

Find good info and put it to work

Begin with Better Basics

Here's a great place to start learning the fundamentals when it comes to your finances.

Living and Learning

Learn how to manage an account, what's involved with getting loans, how to build your credit and much more.

Prepare for Possibilities

Explore ways to build up your savings for emergencies or specific purchases, and get into investing and insurance.

Wisdom for What's Next

Take a closer look at retirement planning, 401(k)s, estate planning, annuities, Social Security and other beneficial topics.


We offer financing to help cover your plans.

Financial education can pay off at every life stage

Abound is committed to providing Financial Education to Members and our communities to take steps towards reaching individual financial goals, creating financial wellness and supporting financial freedom. We're here to walk beside you through every stage of life and learning. Whether you're beginning your financial journey or you have your golden years squarely in your sights, it's always a perfect time to keep learning. When it comes to financial wellness, Opportunities Abound with these informative, easy-to-use online tutorials.

A financial health checkup and wellness plan

It's all at your fingertips, courtesy of our partner at EVERFI, a leader in Financial Education tools for credit unions. You'll find presentations that speak to you no matter where you are in life. And with the knowledge you gain, satisfaction soon follows when you see how you can change your finances for the better to reach your goals.

Abound Credit Union is a full-service financial institution with locations throughout central and southern Kentucky.


We help you save for your unique needs, whether it's college, retirement or a home.