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Checking Account and Debit Card FAQs

You won't experience checking account fees here.
Of course! Members receive a free debit card that can be used all around the world. Stay connected with access at your favorite retailers or any of the 110,000 ATMs in our worldwide network.
It's as easy as setting up direct deposit on your active checking account, our Get Paid Early1 feature does the rest. Get Paid Early is subject to the Credit Union receiving pay information from the Federal Reserve.
Your funds are insured up to $250,000 per person.
No mimimum balance requirements, just keep it positive!
New debit cards will be issued according to the following schedule:
Current Card's Expiration Date When New Card is Sent
July 2021 – September 2021 January 2021
October 2021 – January 2022 February 2021
February 2022 – May 2022 March 2021
June 2022 – July 2022 April 2021
August 2022 May 2021
September 2022 – October 2022 June 2021
November 2022 and later July 2021


All members will eventually receive all new cards with our new name and logo. We’ve staggered these dates based on current expiration dates. These new cards will have brand-new designs. Even better, these debit cards will have new features; such as improved security for online purchases, improved fraud monitoring, new unique card numbers for joint owners and improved transaction success rates!

We are also working on additional improvements that will be available soon!

Your card numbers will not change, but your new card will have an updated expiration date and a new three-digit security code. Visa will automatically provide your new expiration date and three-digit security code to participating merchants that you may have your card saved on file with for recurring charges.

Please note that not all merchants participate in this automatic update, so you should always verify that your merchants have your updated information to ensure transactions are approved when presented.

Your old card will stop working approximately 90 days after you receive your new card, or at the time that the new card is activated, whichever comes first. Because the expiration and three-digit security code will be updated, the old cards will not match.

We are extremely proud of our new name and are confident you will love your new card. We are asking all Members activate their new cards within 90 days of receiving them in the mail.

We’ve being preparing for this for months and strive to make your cards experience the best possible. During 2020, you’ll be introduced to a whole new cards experience!

What does this mean? Within the next year, be on the lookout for other exciting announcements regarding your debit cards, including in-branch card printing at select locations and fraudulent transaction notifications through text messaging.

1Get Paid Early - Must have active Abound Credit Union account with active direct deposit. Get Paid Early is subject to when we receive pay information from the Federal Reserve. 2Carrier rates may apply for data usage.

* Get Paid Early - Must have active Abound Credit Union account with active direct deposit. Get Paid Early is subject to when we receive pay information from the Federal Reserve.

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