Lost or Stolen Cards

A fast phone call is your first move.

We know the feeling. You reach for your debit card, discover it's missing and your heart skips a beat. Just take a deep breath and know that we're here to help. If your Abound debit card is lost or stolen, or you suspect unauthorized use of your account, call us immediately and we'll do everything possible to protect your finances.

A Chance To Do A Good Deed

If you happen upon an Abound Credit Union debit card that isn't yours, you can do one of your Kentucky neighbors a favor by reporting it to us. Whether you've lost a card or found one, here are key phone numbers and addresses to know:

Report lost/stolen card during business hours: 1.800.449.7728
Lost/stolen card after business hours and weekends: 1.800.472.3272
Out of country, call collect: 1.410.581.9994
Found a Visa Debit Card: Cut in half and mail to: Abound Credit Union, P.O. Box 900, Radcliff, KY 40159-0900
Card-holder Security Department: 1.727.299.2449

Other Important Numbers

Even if your Abound debit card is right where you can find it, you may need to contact us:

Customer Service (balance info, etc.): 1.866.820.6781
Reset PIN: 1.800.757.9848
Card Activation: 1.800.527.7728
Spanish: 1.800.334.7728

Need Help?
Routing #: 283978425