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Watch the Earth and Your Savings Thrive

  • April 15,2024
  • Guest Author: Shelley Mitchell, CPA, Chief Strategy Officer
  • 3 minute read

What do Earth Day, Youth Savings Month and the Month of the Military Child all have in common? Besides all three occurring in April, these annual events demonstrate the power of planting seeds and encouraging growth.

Whether you are physically growing trees, a veggie garden or other plants to improve your neighborhood and the environment or taking time to show the youth in your life or in our military community how to build strong savings habits, the small seeds we plant today are sure to make a lasting impact in the future.

The good news is there are lots of simple ways to do good for both the earth and your family’s finances this spring!

Here are just a few tips to help you get started and make the most of this season of renewal:

  1. Declutter by recycling and disposing of sensitive documents with shredding events. 
  2. Switch to electronic statements to reduce paper and shipping waste in the future while bolstering security. Most bank statements and bills can be sent, received and stored electronically. It’s a win-win and simple to sign-up through your financial partners’ online portals.
  3. Introduce children to healthy money management habits by starting a Savings Account and watching their money grow together with digital banking access. For the next generation, everything seems to happen online. Show them how to keep their funds safe and secure at their local financial institution.
  4. Help teens automate savings to build their nest egg for the future. Once children graduate from depositing birthday checks and allowances to having their own part-time jobs with direct deposit, setting up an automatic payroll deduction to add to their savings each month is one of the best seeds you can plant. It’s a habit that will help them start adulthood stronger with funds to cover emergencies and other unexpected expenses.

Financial health and wellness are key components of your overall health. That’s why our team works with hard-working Kentucky families throughout the year to increase financial knowledge and empower them to make smart financial decisions.

Don’t let financial stress build up for yourself or a loved one, as it can take a toll on both physical health and quality of life. Talk to your local financial institution about the resources they offer to enhance financial knowledge and make managing your money easier.

When we work together to improve our community, we believe possibilities truly do Abound!