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We're Celebrating the Month of the Military Child

  • April 23,2024
  • 2 minute read

Yes, there’s a whole month honoring military children – formally recognized as Month of the Military Child by the United States Army. It’s a celebratory month that many are unaware of if they don’t have close ties to the military. Understandable.

Each year, there’s a different theme. This year’s official theme is “Military Youth and Children: Brave, Fearless and Resilient."

At Abound, we’re proud to celebrate the bravery, fearlessness and resilience of our military children every day of the year and take special care to ensure they know how much their community supports them each April.

Just as the observance of the Month of the Military Child reiterates the Army’s commitment to provide quality care and positive youth development for a bright future, it underscores Abound’s dedication to providing financial education and resources to empower these amazing military youth and children.

Here are just a few of the upcoming events that showcase our commitment to serving our military children and families.

  • 4/26 ASUA Army Reserve Birthday Celebration at Sabre and Quill from 12-1PM. NOTE: This is a ticketed event.
  • 4/28 Louisville Hero Day at The Jeffersonian from 12-5PM.
  • 5/1   Newcomers at Sabre and Quill

At Abound, it’s an honor and privilege to serve our military community. Learn more about our military support here.