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Winter Savings - Top Tips for Staying Warm Without Breaking the Bank

  • January 22,2024
  • 4 minute read

Your renovation project needs met.

Is Jack Frost nipping at your nose, even when you’re indoors, this year? We’ve got some helpful tips to help you warm up without making your energy bills go through the roof this winter. So, cozy up by the fire with a hot cocoa and your fuzziest socks and read on to help your family stay warm and healthy all winter long.

#1 Bundle Up - There’s nothing like good old-fashioned layering. Yes, your grandparents had it right when they told you to “put on a sweater” instead of instantly turning up the thermostat. Bundling up a bit with a sweater or blanket can help you stay warm without cranking up your heating expenses. If you have little ones, encourage them to dress appropriately for the season by wearing socks and opting for pants or sweats instead of shorts or summery t-shirts even when they are staying indoors.

#2 Light it Up – If you’ve got a fireplace, this is the season to make the most of it. Downed tree limbs, or just pruning, from your own backyard can make a great and free source of fuel. If you need to purchase wood, stock up ahead of storms. Just be sure you schedule regular chimney cleanings and inspections annually to prevent hazards.

#3 Brew it Up – Whether your favorite seasonal beverage is tea, coffee or cocoa, a hot drink could be just what you need on a cold day to warm you up from the inside out. Plus, a do-it-yourself hot chocolate bar is also a great way to spend time with your kids or grandkids that is both budget-friendly and fun.

#4 Dance it Up – Winters can take a toll not just on our wallets as we pay holiday bills and higher heating costs, but also on our waistlines as we tend to move less and eat more. Add an indoor dance party to your family routine to combat the cold weather blues and annual weight gain from all those Christmas cookies! Nothing warms you up faster than aerobic activity.

#5 Upgrade It – If you find that your house is always chilly, it may be time to consider some upgrades. Energy-efficient windows, doors and heating system updates can work wonders and may be more affordable than you think. Talk to Abound about affordable financing options using your home’s equity and research federal and state tax incentives and other rebates that may be available. More information about local energy-related incentives may be found here.

Warming up shouldn’t have to break the bank!